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Microsoft Teams combined with Microsoft Teams certified devices gives you a secure hybrid environment to work in with your team, no matter where they are.

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Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Teams Rooms


Step into a realm of unparalleled collaboration and productivity with Microsoft Teams Rooms, brought to you by TenAV – your gateway to seamless communication and efficient teamwork. Say goodbye to the hassle of disjointed meetings and welcome a world where connection knows no bounds.

‍The Pain Points of Missing Out

As there are a lot of video conferencing systems out there; before we unveil the wonders of Microsoft Teams Rooms, let’s acknowledge the common pain points businesses face without such a robust collaboration platform.

Picture this: endless email chains, missed messages, and the eternal struggle of scheduling meetings across different time zones – quite the headache, right? Take a long look at your existing room and consider whether it is truly suited to both internal and remote attendees, or if it might need an upgrade for a more complete meeting experience.

Without the right tools, remote work can become a struggle, leaving employees feeling disconnected and productivity plummeting. Communication breakdowns and inefficient collaboration can put a dampener on your team’s spirit, hindering creativity and decision-making.

Yealink microsoft teams rooms for hybrid working

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams rooms is a one-stop shop for all your video conferencing and collaborating needs, with features such as:

‍- HD video conferencing
– Screen sharing
– Secure file sharing & real-time editing
– Hybrid working
– Collaboration displays including the new Front Row
– Privacy and security
– Admin centre for easy management
– Single click join in room

Microsoft teams rooms huddle

Microsoft Teams Huddle Rooms

Traditionally speaking a huddle space is a small and private meeting area perfect for quick and impromptu meetings where quick decisions can be made and concentrated work can be done.

Not too dissimilar from a traditional conference room, a huddle space can provide the privacy of a meeting room with the benefits of an informal and on-the-fly catch-up.

medium microsoft teams room

Microsoft Teams Medium Rooms

A medium meeting space should be able to hold anywhere from four to eight participants in person, and an almost unlimited number of guests that can be dialled in using your Teams platform.

This could be a board room, a conference room, a private office space, or a bookable meeting room. Medium meeting spaces can allow for more formal meetings with internal staff and external guests; anyone can join meetings with ease from anywhere.

The privacy needed for these kinds of corporate gatherings needs to be supported by the software you choose to run it on, and the end-to-end encryption and Safe Links supplied by Teams give the end user peace of mind that their company information is safe during the video call.

For added privacy and security, these rooms can be soundproofed by one of our expert AV engineers. These rooms can be designed with multiple screens, ceiling mics and surround speakers to create the feel of all remote participants being in the room, with crystal clear audio and video quality.

large microsoft teams room

Microsoft Teams Large Rooms

A large meeting room is a space that can host anywhere from 14 to 40 attendees, with many more joining remotely. These meeting spaces can be used for important company meetings, larger presentations, board meetings, and department meetings.

The privacy needed for these kinds of corporate gatherings including a video call needs to be supported by the Microsoft Teams room systems you choose to run it on. We recommend ensuring you are using Microsoft Teams certified devices for a guaranteed smooth experience. For added privacy and security, these rooms can be soundproofed by one of our expert AV engineers.

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WHY choose Microsoft Teams rooms?



Setting up Microsoft Teams Rooms for a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment is a breeze. Our team will ensure a seamless installation tailored to your business needs.

Employees can join Microsoft Teams calls effortlessly with a one-touch join, using their personal device, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. Ensuring your meeting rooms meet purpose combined with the right audio-visual equipment to support your Microsoft teams video conferencing is our speciality.


From cosy huddle spaces to grand boardrooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms offer a versatile array of meeting room styles and teams rooms certified devices that suit your unique hybrid meeting requirements.

Our tailored solutions will ensure your meetings are as productive as possible, leaving no room for disarray or confusion; simply click to connect and easily engage meeting participants with one-click content sharing.


‍‍TenAV’s audio-visual wizardry complements Microsoft Teams Rooms, ensuring crystal-clear sound and stunning visuals for every meeting. Bid adieu to annoying echoes and muffled voices – our intelligent audio and acoustic blocking capabilities will create an clear environment.

The right tech will make your meeting space suitable for those important ‘big business’ team meetings where you need that extra professional wow factor to impress all your meeting participants – at home or in the office.



We understand the importance of smooth operations in your business, and that’s why TenAV is always at your side. Our dedicated support team is just a call away, ready to assist you whenever needed. Your success is our success, and we take pride in being your reliable partner. We have so much Microsoft Teams meeting room experience to draw on from a variety of business sizes and types, so you know it will be perfect!

Unlocking Your Business Potential

Microsoft Teams Rooms, in tandem with TenAV’s audio and video technology expertise, can revolutionize the way your business collaborates. Say farewell to communication chaos and disjointed workflows. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of this powerful collaboration platform, propelling your business to new heights.

So, why wait? Embrace the transformation and embark on a journey towards heightened productivity and seamless teamwork. With our Microsoft Teams Room solutions, you’ll soon be sipping the sweet nectar of success, one well-organised meeting at a time! Let’s get started on your path to excellence in your office spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a solution that enhances video conferencing and collaboration within Microsoft Teams. It’s designed for meeting spaces, providing dedicated hardware and software for a seamless meeting experience. It allows users to join and conduct Teams meetings in a more efficient and professional manner.

What is the difference between Microsoft Teams and Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that can be used on various devices, including PCs and mobile phones. Microsoft Teams Rooms, on the other hand, is a hardware and software solution specifically designed for meeting spaces, offering enhanced audio, video, and content-sharing capabilities to create a better meeting experience.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms?

The benefits of Microsoft Teams Rooms include improved audio and video quality, enhanced meeting room control, better content sharing capabilities, and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. It allows for more productive and efficient meetings, whether participants are in the same room or joining remotely.

How do you use rooms in Microsoft Teams?

To use Microsoft Teams Rooms, you simply schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams and select the room as the meeting location. Participants can then join the meeting either in person in the room or remotely through their own devices, making collaboration easy and flexible.

Can I use a PC as a Teams room?

Yes, you can use a PC as a Teams room by configuring it with the appropriate hardware and software, but it won’t offer the same optimised experience as dedicated Teams Rooms hardware.

Do I need a Teams room license?

You may need specific licenses or subscriptions to access all the features of Microsoft Teams Rooms, depending on your organisation’s requirements. It’s best to consult with your Microsoft licensing representative for detailed information.

What does Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic offer?

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic offers a set of core features for smaller meeting spaces. It includes the essentials for video conferencing and content sharing, providing a cost-effective solution for organisations with basic meeting room needs.

How much is Teams Rooms Standard?

The pricing for Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard can vary based on your location, licensing agreements, and the specific hardware and features you require. Contact Microsoft or a Microsoft reseller for pricing details, then come back to us to sort out your hardware and installation!

What is needed for a Teams room?

To set up a Microsoft Teams Room, you’ll need compatible hardware (e.g., cameras, microphones, and displays), dedicated meeting room software, a Microsoft Teams account, and a reliable internet connection.

Which is better, Zoom or Teams?