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Episode 1 of our AV podcast

Imagine a world where your meetings run smoothly without technical hiccups. In the first episode of our AV podcast, we sit down with Reece Stead from Yamaha, the Business Development Manager for Yamaha Unified Communications and Commercial Installed Solutions, who promises just that.

Reece introduces us to Yamaha’s flagship Adecia system, an all-in-one solution engineered to elevate your conferencing experience. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a high-quality audio ecosystem that includes everything from microphones to speakers, all designed for seamless integration and ease of management. Learn how investing in top-tier audio solutions can transform your post-pandemic meeting spaces, making them more productive and hassle-free.

But that’s not all—get ready for the future of audio management with an exclusive announcement! Reece teases the upcoming release of Dante-enabled network ceiling speakers, set to hit the market by September.

These new additions promise even more flexibility and installation options, all while integrating seamlessly with the Adecia system’s auto-tuning features. Whether you’re managing a global Teams meeting or a local town hall Q&A session, discover how Yamaha’s innovative solutions can optimise your audio experience, making every interaction crystal clear and efficient. Don’t miss out on these insights and more in this must-listen episode!