Zoom Rooms Hardware Solutions


At TenAV, we understand the importance of seamless and effective Zoom video conferencing experiences, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of Zoom Rooms hardware solutions to elevate your conference room systems to the next level. As a Zoom-certified integrator, our service can encompass all the hardware you need to create a fully functional Zoom Rooms environment.

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What are Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms are dedicated physical meeting spaces equipped with technology to facilitate seamless video conferencing and collaboration experiences. These spaces typically feature cameras for high-definition video and audio to ensure clear and immersive audio-visual communication.

Zoom Rooms software goes beyond a typical meeting room setup by offering additional features like wireless content sharing and online whiteboard capabilities. Zoom Rooms participants can connect their laptop or mobile device via wireless sharing to the room’s display. Whether used in conference rooms, classrooms, or huddle spaces, Zoom Rooms are a valuable tool for professionals seeking efficient and engaging virtual collaboration.

Elevate your Zoom Rooms experience

In today’s digital age, video conferencing has become an integral part of business communication. Zoom is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for virtual meetings, webinars, and collaboration.

However, to make the most out of your Zoom Rooms experience, you need the right hardware components to ensure crystal-clear audio and video, seamless integration, and a hassle-free conferencing environment. That’s where TenAV comes in to help you get started.

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Zoom Rooms Product Features


From interactive touchscreens to high-definition displays, we offer a range of screens tailored to your Zoom Rooms needs. Enjoy vibrant visuals and effortless content sharing for a smooth conference room experience.


Clear audio is crucial for effective communication. Our selection of Zoom conference room microphones ensures that every voice is heard loud and clear, whether you’re in a small huddle room or a large conference space.

Sound Management & Soundproofing

Eliminate distracting background noise and echo with our sound management and soundproofing solutions. Create an acoustically optimized environment for distraction-free conversations every single session.


Capture every detail with our high-quality cameras designed for HD video and audio-ready Zoom Rooms. Whether you need a wide-angle view or a PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera for larger spaces, we have the right solution for you.

Room conferencing panels

Simplify meeting control with our Zoom rooms conferencing touch panels. These intuitive devices put Zoom Room controls at your fingertips, making it easy to adjust settings, share content, and manage your meetings seamlessly.

Zoom Rooms Kits for Seamless Integration

Simplify your Zoom meeting rooms setup with our comprehensive Zoom room kits. These kits include all the essential hardware components you need for a smooth and hassle-free installation, making it easy to start a meeting and transform any space into a fully functional Zoom Room.

Room Booking Panels

Efficiently manage your Zoom Rooms with our room booking panels. These sleek and user-friendly touch screens allow you to schedule meetings, check room availability, and easily start your Zoom sessions. Whether you’re in a large conference room or a smaller huddle space, our cameras deliver impeccable video quality for an immersive experience.

Technical Features


Connect with colleagues or clients using three screens to organise shared content and call participants; ideal for presenting data and comparing content in real-time.


Working with Skype for Business, Macs, PCs and with a range of USB cameras, Zoom is flexible and easy to integrate into your business.


Annotate your content and presentations during a call with Zoom’s compatibility for large multi-touch displays and online whiteboard functions.


Compatible with both Google and Outlook, Zoom allows you to book meetings as a single session that syncs with your existing calendars.


Connect with colleagues over instant message, making it easier to share information and leave quick messages when you’re on the go in a team chat.


Unique to other platforms, Zoom Online Webinars have interesting extra features, including polls, Q&A dialogues, recording and practice sessions.


With a tablet control console, users can effortlessly start and control zoom rooms meetings with “one touch to join” capabilities or zoom rooms voice commands.


Using a second tablet, book and manage your Zoom Rooms as well as display unlimited digital signage with Zoom’s in-built room booking and scheduling display software.

Contact us to understand our professional services and zoom rooms resources for better connected conference rooms and meeting space.

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