Center-of-room Intelligent Cameras

(360° Cameras with AI)

It is one of the oldest conundrums when designing rooms for video communication; where to place the camera?

Above the screen, below the screen, front wall, back wall…..?

The issue of getting everyone in view without giving remote users either a “bird’s eye view” of the room by having the camera too high, or half the room participants hidden by whoever is at the front when the camera is too low. This has changed with the advent of a smart 360° Camera. 

See and be seen

Before and after the power of a 360 camera

Drag and slide to reveal

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The cameras will even track the names of in room users of an MTR, just like remote users are tracked.

Logitech sight 360 camera
Logitech Sight 360 view

Logitech Sight

Table Camera With Intelligent Framing

Yealink SmartVision 60

360° all-in-one conferencing camera

With 360° coverage and central perspective, no one in the room is hidden from view. The all-new 10K camera delivers stunning images. Remote attendees can now get a more inclusive meeting experience even when they are not there.

The Multi-Stream People Feed feature, which provides individual video feeds of up to four in-room active speakers whilst also showcasing the panoramic view of the room allows everyone at the conference table to appear front facing on the screen.

The voice and face recognition feature allows remote and in-room participants to connect better by associating names with faces and speeches.

Yealink SmartVision 60 360 conferencing camera
Meeting Owl Conference Camera

Meeting Owl 3

Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the intelligent 360° camera, mic and speaker that gets smarter over time.

Toucan Connect

A 360 video conferencing system

Featuring echo and noise cancellation, a full 360° camera, a 5W speaker, and a simple plug-and-play interface, this conference system will ensure seamless team meetings but is also great for solo meetings with the ability to simply focus on one person.

Toucan connect 360 conferencing system