Data-Driven Decision Making

A new consultancy service from TenAV which will revolutionise the way we approach designing new offices by empowering users to leverage data-driven change.

…so what the heck does that mean?
Let’s break it down. The whole service comprises of four parts;

face count technology GDPR


Know how many people are in your office and what workspaces and collaboration zones they engage with the most, with automatic sensors and face-count technology.

Identify trends with TrackAV


With a custom dashboard, you can watch in real-time, or set up automatic reports on a cadence that suits you, helping you identify trends you’d never have considered.

Maintenance sensors with TrackAV


We deploy sensors which can proactively identify and report any issues with your equipment before it becomes an ‘incident’. Which means less downtime through maximum data accumulation!

Transform your office space with data you can trust - TrackAV


Use your priceless new data to make informed decisions about future investments that you can trust, and with projections on future growth, you can plan for years into the future.

Why we are different


A lack of data context
A consultant will identify the technology you are using and give you advice on a decontextualised ‘better’ version based on your ‘brand values’ and employee opinions.

Short-timeframe of physical observation
An awkward human will sit in your office for a week during business hours to manually count people moving in and out of major spaces.

A lack of AV focus and specialist support
Provide general high-level technological advice without the aid of audio-visual specialists.

What you were already thinking
Using interviews and focus groups to gather qualitative data you likely already know about.


Factual information on actual use
Collecting people count, desk and meeting room usage times gives an undeniable picture of what is happening (not what C-suite hopes is happening or what employees say they’re doing).

Data-driven forecasting
What works now might not in a year – with 3 months+ of data, we can see the trends of what’s to come so that you don’t purchase space that you’ll soon out grow.

Design and AV capabilities in one
We will help you integrate AV fully into your office design, so everything fits perfectly and adapts to the current usage and potential changes.

Ideas you hadn’t considered
We will recommend not just what you want, but what we think will develop your business further and grow with you.

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard.

The Big Picture

Your final report will be an analysis of the data we have collected – as your staff make use of your current facilities.

Designing different

Different isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.
By getting us involved from the start of your design process we can create a truly seamless experience that’s completely custom to you and not an out-of-the-box package. Retrofitting AV equipment is never fun and neither is changing your expensive design plans to fit the kit you need.

Choose TenAV and work alongside our experts to craft the right solutions for your business.