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105″ Screen Boardroom

Our main boardroom boasts a 105 inch 21:9 ratio Legamaster screen providing over 30% more screen than a standard dual screen option; amongst the first of its kind in the UK.

The wider screen pairs excellently with the Microsoft Teams software (Front Row) ensuring full integration of online and offline meeting participants.

With a Yamaha ceiling mic, speakers and a Yealink dual camera combo with meeting room booking panels, you can be sure of the best quality connections and ease of use.

105 inch screen in a boardroom
Logitech Boardroom

Logitech Boardroom

Our second boardroom showcases a Logitech hardware conferencing option. With a stylish Logitech Rally sound bar set with an integrated mic array, speakers and a wide angle camera lens to capture all participants.

Again we have paired it with Microsoft Teams and a room booking touch panel.

Here we have the option of dual 55 inch screens for adaptable screen sharing and display via Barco Clickshare.

98″ Interactive Whiteboard

This creative breakout space shows a unique option for collaborative working with an enormous 98-inch interactive whiteboard screen.

Perfect for brainstorming, looking at designs or schematics, and watching video or for signage, this is a highly flexible alternative to the traditional meeting room.

98 interactive whiteboard screen
Jabra Hub huddle room

Jabra Hub

This simple but powerful hub hosts a Jabra conferencing set up. With 180 camera design, even in the smallest spaces; everyone can be seen on the videocall and heard by using a USB connected mic and speaker.

Extra support from soundproofing walls makes this a great lower cost option in limited spaces.

Ours sits almost in the middle of the room, but looks sleek and stylish without breaking the eyeline with two sets of glass doors.

Blue Breakout Space

This larger, more flexible breakout space hosts Ahrend’s gorgeous curved sofa to hold small meetings on one side, and solo or duo working on the other.

Here we placed a larger screen with a Yealink MVC 400 conference set up with a touch panel and wireless screen sharing option for any device.

This option is great for when you want your more informal meetings to feel less like meetings.

Yealink MVC 400 breakout space
sound masking at showroom

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