Lifesize solutions for video conferencing

Lifesize never really made the transition from hardware vendor to cloud services provider, and although their hardware offerings were arguably second to none when they were released, the product line-up is now quite dated.

Lifesize cloud services are not very popular with our customers and following the recent acquisition by Enghouse Systems, are likely to change soon anyway. As such, they are really just an accessories manufacturer competing in a crowded marketplace.

Lifesize video


– Brilliant hardware offering in its’ day for video calls and video conferencing solutions, but no recent development.

– As accessories only, they have decent 4K cameras, but even these lack advanced features (such as employees face tracking) now found as standard on many other business solutions.


– Dated hardware and no full room integration options (you also need to purchase their Lifesize cloud-based service in order to access video conferencing).

– Poor cloud video service for customers has forced the company into bankruptcy proceedings. Lifesize is now part of Enghouse Systems, who already owned Vidyo, we await a sign on what the new organisation will offer.

Product Options

Lifesize generally offer smaller all-in-one video meeting solutions to support the diverse demand in all room sizes;

Lifesize® Icon 300™

Lifesize® Icon 300™ for focus and huddle rooms

Ultrawide field of view and brilliant 4K presentation quality perfectly tuned for the huddle room to connect with a small team.

Lifesize® Icon 500™ for medium rooms

Flexible by design to give you 4K video and support for 4K content sharing in a range of meeting spaces.

Lifesize® Icon 500™
Lifesize® Icon 700™

Lifesize® Icon 700™ for large rooms

The premier 4K video conferencing experience with 20x zoom technology and untouchable quality.

Lifesize® Phone™ HD

The smartphone for your meeting room; with unrivalled audio quality and a best-in-class interface for easy collaboration and communications.

Lifesize® Phone™ HD
Lifesize Share

Lifesize® Share™

Truly wireless content sharing technology makes passing cords from presenter to presenter a thing of the past; just to make life a little easier.

Lifesize® Digital MicPod™

This device expands the audio pickup range for even the largest conference room tables for high-quality video communications.

Lifesize digital micpod